Major General Lynn H. Stevens Joins RH Ranks as Executive Vice President

BLANDING, Utah, – Razaghi Healthcare recently enlisted Major General Lynn H. Stevens as one of its Executive Vice Presidents. Ahmad R. Razaghi, President and CEO of Razaghi Healthcare, has appointed him to the Board of Directors at Blue Mountain Hospital in Blanding, Utah (BMH).

Stevens, a lifelong Blanding resident, comes to the position highly qualified, with a rich history of political involvement in the local San Juan Utah community and Utah State Government. While he held the office of San Juan County Commissioner he worked closely with Razaghi in several areas on the Blue Mountain Hospital development project, and was instrumental in approving a resolution that ultimately allowed for the Hospital to be financed.

During that time, he met with officials in Washington, D.C. five times to ensure funding and support for BMH. He was also influential in garnering the support of the Utah State Governor and Lieutenant Governor’s offices. Stevens said, “As San Juan County Commissioner for eight years, I was very committed to improving the quality of health care throughout the County. I have been retired from that position for four years, but I feel deeply honored to again have the opportunity to contribute to improving the quality of health care available for our community by joining the Blue Mountain Hospital Board.”

Throughout his extensive career he has acquired a tremendous amount of experience that will serve as an invaluable asset to Blue Mountain Hospital. His career includes 33 years spent in active duty in the United States Army, ten of which were served in the Pentagon. Additionally, he worked for over eight years in the private sector as a Vice President for Northrop Grumman Corporation, where he managed a budget of over $3 billion. He was also appointed as Coordinator of the Public Lands Policy Coordinating Office in Salt Lake City. Today, although retired, he sits on several notable boards, including the Utah Governor’s Balanced Resource Council, and the Advisory Council for Utah State University Eastern.

Razaghi served on the BMH Board as a Chairman and Member for over seven years, but he believes that stepping down from the seat will allow him to fully focus on providing executive management services for Navajo Health Foundation – Sage Memorial Hospital and the development of a strategic plan for a new medical center on the Navajo Nation.

Stevens’ appointment is in effect as of May 12, 2014 and he will assume his Board responsibilities immediately.

Originally published in The Navajo Post